Artist Development

YGR™ Artist Development Programme incorporates one to one coaching with professional consultancy, integrating personal and professional development to increase value of an Artist or Writers music and performance. By implementing structure and healthy time management, lifestyle, mind / body wellbeing and healthy sleep routine and other factors specific to each client, we are able to identify and achieve goals and targets.

YGR™ produce and execute writing camps for music projects and brands. We are experts in nurturing talent and ensuring high productivity and quality output delivered to brief. By integrating personal and professional development and incubating talent in an optimum creative environment, we equip artists with the tools to sustain a consistently peak performance career.

YGR™ use our expertise in behavioural psychology, artist management, A&R, mentoring, nutrition, social media health, mental health first aid to create an authentic experience and accelerated method to delivering music projects. For further information

YGR™ Work directly with Managers in developing new talent on a budget to accelerate the creative process, increase performance capabilities and take care of the emotional needs of the clients. For further information get in touch.