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In a business where emotional intelligence is critical in decision making, Your Green Room focuses on nurturing, educating and developing this incredibly critical area to support staff. Over the years we have honed the very best techniques and tools in behavioural psychology to our own experiences within the recording, publishing and management businesses and developed ways to not only enhance emotional intelligence but to accelerate  with models we have made by speaking to hundreds of successful business people, artists and third parties involved within the industry to share with our clients.

Our current range of one to one’s and workshops we offer for business clients cover skills in communication as we know this can be stretched from working with a creative at the early stage of career and learning the language they need to be encouraged to presentation in the boardroom and eventually to conferences. 

Business people, like artists, are multi faceted and we know better than any other coaching service out there how many hats are required from our private lives to our roles and interactions with the complex networks we work within.

Our business education programmes for staff and groups are generally artist focus based and our expertise is always underpinned by the health and well being of them, from live performance and touring, to social media and the press,  getting the very best out of writing sessions, performance in recordings, styling and we do offer education around when it is time for the artist to move on and the safest ways in handling times often loaded with fear and poor communication when in fact these could be times of great learning and appreciation for the next phase for business and the client.

No client is the same and so our one-to- one business coaching is offered after an initial free telephone consultation to ascertain level of requirements.

Our range of current education talks and workshops for business is available by contacting us directly.