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About Your Green Room


The music business became hugely important culturally and economically during the late 60's, 70's and 80's. This was driven and focused around supporting the talent of the artists and writers. During the 90's this changed, compilation albums became a fast way to sell music, the dance model of signing singles became normalized and the skill of nurturing talent and building a long-term artist career became less of the focus.

We believe the current business culture is encroaching our ability to work intuitively, allowing our decisions to be led by fear, which ultimately harms creative thinking.

If you are someone working with talent or ‘scouting for talent’ we can help improve your intuition to allow you to work, nurture and maintain sustainable relationships which will impact on talent, encouraging a long term career, which will inevitably affect and promote yours too.

Your Green Room 

Clare Scivier, Founder / Instructor

Clare Scivier, has spent 20 years working in A&R at major labels, publishing and management companies. After witnessing a change in the artist development practices of the corporates, Scivier decided to help find a new way of developing musical talent that puts health and sustainability first. For the past eight years, she has practiced as a behavioural psychologist using techniques from the fields of neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy and emotional freedom technique. Scivier also borrows from holistic areas of wellbeing such as reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, massage and tarot healing. Every client is different and Scivier tailors her experience and skills to get the very best outcome, whilst wearing her A&R hat and turning dreams of fame to actual chart success.