All about you

Our experience enables us to fully support you. We understand that working in the creative industries you are constantly under pressure to perform and deliver. One-to-one sessions are designed to work through what you need to consider when developing as a writer and performer, or when working with such talent. 

Anxiety and stress can be the start of depression and lead on to many other problems down the line. We at Your Green Room know that by being prepared and learning how to manage our responses to any kind of fear or stress, you can make the difference and sustain a healthy long term career.   Too many creative individuals have “burned out” in the past.  As experts in the entertainment industries, we believe our proven tools and techniques, which we have refined over many years of practical experience, can help you on a safer and more supported journey.

Practising in behavioural psychology, fitness, voice coaching, nutrition and more holistic tools, our unique expertise is delivered tailor-made to an individual client’s needs.  If you're interested in finding out more about scheduling a one-to-one session please get in touch


Whilst we are here for those in need of help there are other organisations better equipped for emergencies, so if you feel like you are in immediate attention please contact The Samaritans