Artist Development Programme

Incorporates worldwide one to one coaching with professional consultancy by implementing structure and healthy time management, lifestyle, mind / body wellbeing, healthy sleep routine, diet, nutrition and other factors specific to each client, we are able to identify and achieve goals and target. Managing anxiety and stress is a critical factor to ensure a smooth journey from the writing room into live performance so that schedules are met without delay.

Pre-Signature Ecology Programme checks are essential for anyone investing money into talent to ensure success, for further information click here

On Signature Development Programmes sit with Management, A&R (writing and recording), Marketing, PR and Live Performance to ensure a clear and focussed plan with high quality content (songs, recordings, social media, live shows and touring is delivered. We do offer a programme for artists between deals as well.

Tour Assistance is for when you feel your live team could do with additional support to manage punishing schedules, poor nutrition, stage nerves, lack of sleep and any other concerns that come with life on the road. We are able to travel with artists on tour to ensure their health and wellbeing is being taken care of. We provide bespoke tour assistance including coaching, ZRT Advanced Neurotransmitter testing, Genomic Testing, Organic Acid Testing , Red Light Therapy, meal planning, unlimited text support please enquire here for further information

Writing and Development Camps for music projects and brands. We are experts in nurturing talent and ensuring high productivity and quality output is delivered to brief. By integrating personal and professional development and incubating talent in an optimum creative environment, we equip artists with the tools to sustain a consistently peak performance career. We collaborate with brands and companies wishing to offer their support in this area concerned with the current overload of releases and how to distinguish between professional long term career talent and those making music as a hobby (which we encourage individuals to do as a form of personal development and a therapeutic way to express themselves).

Rehabilitation After A Break many artists and performers feel the need to take a break from their careers for all sorts of reasons. We at Your Green Room can act as the catalyst to assist your client to re-enter gently and healthily into their career with therapeutic writing sessions with our fully trained in house mental health producer/ writer Alexandre Anthony, paying attention to any other support and issues that may need further professional assistance to ensure they are well enough to embark on the next stage of their careers.

Education Talks and Workshops We like to think ahead, plan and prepare working on our 2020 Vision™ programmes designing a number of talks and workshops for teams and one to one sessions bespoke for those working in the Labels, Publishers, Public Relations, Management, Plugging and Promotions, Talent Agents, Music Platforms, Music Tech companies and Entertainment Industries to ensure staff and immediate teams are equipped with the latest tools to help nurture and develop talent sustainably. To arrange a talk or workshop in your company / organisation click here

Business Executive Coaching If you are a business executive seeking ways to excel in your career with a healthy mind and body, maintaining healthy relationships in your private lives whilst increasing your productivity, our Individual Coaching Programmes can achieve this and you may learn a great deal from the unique models we have created for those who consistently shine in the public eye delivering creative assets of high quality and on time. For further information get in touch

Emerging Talent Working directly with Managers in developing new talent on a budget to accelerate the creative process, increase performance capabilities and take care of the emotional needs of the clients. If you are a new artist in need of coaching as you begin to find the right team to support your career please contact us for our foundation coaching award programme awarded twice yearly.For further information get in touch.