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Lisbon International Music Network

Your Green Room – Services developed for health and wellbeing to the Recording Industry

Health and wellbeing has become a topic more frequently and openly spoken about in the recording industry. Clare Scivier founder of Your Green Room has applied and practiced aspects of behavioural psychology with her unique experience as a former A&R woman and Music Manager with a career spanning 30 years and has worked as a specialist in health and wellbeing for the past 14 years with Artists / Writers / Producers / DJ’s and Executives (and their teams) in the UK and USA. Clare is well known in the UK for speaking up on the rights of artists and highlighting better support and education around mental health in the industry. Clare is currently also working with the University of Cambridge researching Autism in Music and risk of suicide and has great insight into Bi Polar and creativity.

If you want to learn more about common problems faced by artists, what health checks you should run to make sure your mental strength is developed for such a high pressured career, how you maintain it and what goals you are setting for yourself this presentation is for you.

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