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Clare Scivier is the founder of Your Green Room and creator of the Polymorphic Organisational Partitioning Technique™ a system she designed and uses to coach and mentor top recording artists and executives worldwide, drawn from models she has created over the last 15 years in behavioural psychology combined with over 20 years previous experience she has in A&R at Major Labels,Publishers, and in Management.  Clare has been at the forefront of the mental health discussion and she is currently working with Cambridge University to undertake extensive research into autism and suicide prevention in the music industry. 

Clare oversee’s the health and wellbeing of clients focussing their minds from the early stages of writing by teaching methods that accelerate creativity and ensures delivery on time, developing an authentic performance persona, how best to communicate with the team and third parties, healthy social media relationships, developing the PR story, interview techniques and assists with planning tours so that they run smoothly and healthily. Clare assists managers who have concerns regarding their clients mental health and has a first class team of professionals from around the world close at hand to take care of situations that require this level of support.

Clare collaborates with Managers at the early stages of an Artist / Writer / Producer / DJ career and combines her passion for music and learned abilities in A&R from George Martin, Lucian Grainge, Nigel Grainge, Peter Edge, Danny D, Simon Dunmore to notice genuine abilities, and nurture the talent authentically .Clare applies her ecology checks when managers, labels and publishers are looking to invest time and money into new talent.

Clare is trained as a Master Practitioner in NLP (certified by John Grinder), Emotional Freedom Technique, Reverse Psychology, Terrorism Negotiation Techniques, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Mindfulness amongst many other alternative therapies and draws on many of these powerful tools when working with clients if appropriate. Clare is DBS certified.

Clare is an advisor to School Ground Sounds a charity that works with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to empower them through musical expression. Clare is a proud parent of a son (A&R President at First Access) and daughter (GM at Closer Artists) and is keen to encourage more lone parents to have long term careers in the business. Clare is an active member of She Said So, speaking regularly at their events to help encourage women, non binary and transgender communities develop their confidence working in music.

Your Green Room “wants you to be the very best version of yourself and to become a positive influence on others to create a happy and creative environment to thrive collectively and make great music”. 




Alex is YGR in house Production / Writing Expert and was first on our Development Programme. Alex has honed his skills as a producer, writer and mentor in the music charity sector (working with those in mental hospitals and prisoners from psychiatric wards) where he  trained as a specialist producer / mentor to work with those struggling with mental health conditions such as PTSD, Bi Polar, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorder, ADHD, depression and anxiety. Alex works closely with artists that may need to get back into writing in a more therapeutic setting to begin the process into creativity with his expertise in this field and travels to clients to do this, he is trained to implement structures in place such as nutrition plans, fitness and general pastoral care. Jasper is a multi instrumentalist and often tours in this capacity to oversee the safety and health and wellbeing of artists for many reasons including young artists who managers may feel are vulnerable or are in need of a certified chaperone.

Alex is French and is fluent in English. DBS Certified.

Alex was mentored by Grammy Award Winning Jimmy Douglass (Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Timberland, Missy Elliot, Kanye West).

AKA Jasper Wilde / The French Original is a music professional multi instrumentalist who has co-written, produced and appeared live with artists such as Meduza, Le Youth, Plan B, The Vamps, Nicole Scherzinger, Madison Beer, Connor Maynard, Candace Sosa / Krysta Youngs (BTS). Endorsed by Eventide as a producer.




Carolina uses her skills as a functional medicine practitioner, nutritional therapist and master herbalist to offer our clients a fully integrated and intuitive approach to health and wellbeing, incorporating science-based nutritional therapy, endobiogeny, functional medicine and testing, herbal medicine, genetics, NLP and hypnotherapy. 

At YGR Carolina works with our clients tailoring to individual needs with an aim to achieve peak performance and reach goals in a business where travel, poor sleep and high stress are part of our daily lives. Genetics, lifestyle and routine combined are obvious factors in how we perform so Carolina’s “bio hack” approach is essential for anyone looking for bespoke nutrition support. Through YGR, Carolina offers corporate wellness programmes to ensure staff are functioning at their very best, healthily and productively. If you are looking for healthy dietary plans and herbal supplements specifically for touring life or more generally please enquire here




In 2009 Ben joined the International Social Responsibility Team at MTV Networks, where he was responsible for creating and running social media campaigns between multinational MTV brands during the formative years of Social Media.

As the medium increased its influence he moved into the more dynamic world of artist social media management, most particularly known for creating content and managing Rudimental’s social platforms.

Ben is YGR’s social media healthy diet expert offering one to one’s and workshop programmes showing artists and their teams, healthier and more effective ways to work online, managing the negative impact for potential over dependence and interaction with followers and reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety caused by it.

Ben is a passionate advocate for responsible social media usage and uses this as a focus teaching in Schools, Youth Organisations and Charities in the UK addressing the effects it can have on a young persons Mental Health.

Ben is a trained Mental Health First Aid Instructor. For further enquiries contact us here




Suzi knows better than anyone the crushing side effects that can be experienced with punishing touring schedules, chronic fatigue and burnout. With 20 years experience working in live performance, Suzi has expanded her skills by training in Anatomy and Physiology and Thai Yoga Massage (to help with backstage aches and pains). With a concern for how nutrition can easily be neglected in the midst of a crazy lifestyle Suzi  went on to study chemistry and biology and is a qualified  Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist.

As YGR’s most uniquely experienced live and touring consultant It’s no surprise why Suzi is booked out as the number one tour manager who builds her knowledge into healthy sustainable ways of being on the road. Her most recent tour managing projects have been PJ Harvey and The Chemical Brothers. For more information please contact us here