Talent is not one person, it’s a team

In 2002 Clare Scivier, founder of Your Green Room, recognised that talented individuals reach their full potential when they’re supported by a professional team who specialise in performance enhancement, similar to the sports industry. With a change in how talent is discovered, music is created and produced, how it is distributed, released and consumed, the business was in need of new ways to approach the big question of how to create sustainable careers in the industry. With over 20 years experience in A&R and Management and a further 15 years of coaching Clare has designed and implements her models of excellence (by modelling the most successful performers in the world) using her Polymorphic Organisational Partitioning technique ™ only available through Your Green Room.

“Enhancing performance of individuals, that money and time is being invested into, requires a full picture of the capabilities, values and outcomes, developing resilience (in a tough industry)and is what we have worked on with managers, artists, labels, agents, pluggers, PR’s and have contributed to Multi Million selling / Streaming Global Artists for the last 15 years successfully. Our reputation has grown through word of mouth recommendations with the biggest Clients and Managers in the business and why we are the Number 1 coaching business in the World with bases in London and Los Angeles and the go to place when looking to build healthy and sustainable talent”.

Clare Scivier , Your Green Room

Clare, around her own bespoke coaching, has built a team of experts who enhance artist and business-people’s performance. Whilst our work focuses on prevention and preparation for high performance we have collectively raised public our concerns for mental health awareness in the Recording industry however we do not and have never made claim to be mental health clinicians . For those who require URGENT specialist support with their mental health we recommend you contact your GP immediately, go straight to the Emergency Room / A&E or call The Samaritans on 116 123 in the UK. Further contacts below for specialist care in music.